The Incredible Egg

Before you crack your next egg, you may want to check out the new study conducted by researchers in Canada which says that consuming egg yolks is as dangerous  to your heart health as smoking cigarettes. Quelle horreur! The gist of the study can … [Continue reading]


Let's face it, most of us want to feel good, have vibrant energy, stable emotions and a positive outlook on  life. But, is that really our current experience? Unfortunately, for many of us , it is not. We feel tired, overwhelmed, overworked, … [Continue reading]

Good morning!

We all know the importance of breakfast to jump-start the day, but how do we define a good breakfast? One that will nourish, satiate and sustain us? For many in our fast paced society, the breakfast featured above is  our go- to choice because of … [Continue reading]

Joyous Holidays!

It's December, and although I love the holidays, I have really begun to dread the cold! We were lucky enough to leave on the tails of a snow storm coming into Philadelphia to begin our 2 week vacation to Costa Rica. Neither Sam nor I have ever … [Continue reading]