Events/ Classes

Please continue to check here for the current listings of classes. We run about 1 class per month. If you are interested in scheduling an in home class or workshop, please contact Annmarie directly to set this up!!


January 7, 2018- Nourishment Workshop  2-4 pm $25

It’s January again- that time of year we make our new year’s resolutions- to go on a diet , to lose “x” pounds, to get in better shape.  We may start out like gangbusters- going to the gym everyday, eating salads each day for lunch until……. we don’t!

The mindset of Diets and Resolutions, in my mind, is unsustainable- it doesn’t work. If we really want to become healthy, eat better, lose that extra weight, we need to first develop a deep understanding of and connection to our bodies. It is through this connection that we begin to honor our bodies, how we move them and what we put into them.

Join me for a workshop on Nourishing with More than Food! Rethink those new year’s resolutions and create a better relationship with your body.

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January 28th- Foods to Keep you Healthy this Winter Season $45 .


Baby it’s cold outside! We may feel less vital in the colder months because we have less access to fresh air and sunshine, the shorter days make us more tired and we may be more susceptible to infections. Join us and learn how to nourish yourselves this winter to stay energized, healthy and on top of your game!

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Traditional Food-ways Intensive Cooking and Healing Workshops with an Emphasis on the 5 Elements.


This is an ongoing 5 part series throughout the year in which participants will gain a better understanding of the concept of the 5 Elements in Traditional Chinese Medicine and how it can be used to guide us healthfully through the year.  First class begins February 18th. You can sign up for individual classes or for the entire series.

More details can be found here.

March 25th- The Art and Science of Fermentation


This is a hands on class in fermentation! Learn the art and science of fermenting vegetables. We will delve into the history and benefits of fermented foods and have a feast of internationally prepared ferments. All participants will take home sauerkraut that they have made! Click here for more details!


 May 12th  Mother Daughter Cooking Class


July 15th- Using Culinary and Medicinal Herbs for Everyday Use


 Join me to learn more about the culinary and medicinal uses of herbs and how to use more than just parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme in your cooking.  How about lemon balm, lemon verbena, shiso, tulsi and more? 

More details and registration can be found here.



September 9th- Bone Broth – the Souper Food!