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Please continue to check here for the current listings of classes. We run about 1 class per month. If you are interested in scheduling an in home class or workshop, please contact Annmarie directly to set this up!!


January 13, 2019  1-4 pm

Broth- the SOUPER FOOD! $60

More forgotten than the art of making homemade soups is the art of making nourishing stocks. In our all too busy lifestyles, we often rely on canned broths and stocks as the basis for our soups and sauces. Unfortunately, canned broths and stocks are laden with ingredients such as corn syrup and excess sodium. The soup base is often created with hydrolyzed vegetable protein, usually made from soy, which in its processing becomes MSG. So, while the soup from a can may taste good, it is seriously lacking any health supportive properties.

To ensure optimum nutrition from eating stocks, one is better off making them at home.

Soup is  a traditional food. It is highly valued in folk wisdom for it’s healing properties, both to body and soul.

Join me for a class in making nourishing stocks and delicious warming soups to keep you warm all winter long!

You can find more details and registration information here .



Traditional Food-ways Intensive Cooking and Healing Workshops with an Emphasis on the 5 Elements.


This is an ongoing 5 part series throughout the year in which participants will gain a better understanding of the concept of the 5 Elements in Traditional Chinese Medicine and how it can be used to guide us healthfully through the year.  First class begins February 18th. You can sign up for individual classes or for the entire series.

More details can be found here.