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Nourished: Embracing Food (and more) as Medicine

An Intensive Online Course to get you re-aquainted with your body and with vibrant health. 

If there is one thing the last year has shown me, it is that many of us live in our heads and not in our bodies. 

We perpetually listen to outside forces telling us what is right, what is good, how to stay healthy, what to eat, how to move. 

We have become dangerously disconnected from our bodies and we have forgotten how divinely made we are.

When we are disconnected from our bodies, we tend to ignore the subtle and sometimes not so subtle signals it gives us.. the insomnia, the frequent colds, the stomach pains after eating fatty foods, the anxiety, depression, hormonal imbalance, whatever it may be! 

But, when we are connected, we have a much better understanding of what is happening. 

We begin to correlate that, for instance, every time we eat sugar, we get extremely tired and gain weight. Or that when we eat tomatoes, our arthritis flares up. 

Or that when we eat processed high omega six polyunsaturated oils, we get puffy in the face.

Whatever it may be, food is powerful.

Food is information.

When we eat real, nourishing foods, our bodies, minds and spirits flourish. 

When we eat food- like products, we become malnourished and have a propensity for dis-ease.

So, how do we fully nourish ourselves? 

How do we know what is best for our bodies? 

We connect in.

We listen. 

We respond. 

We live in one of the most food centric countries. 

Everyone is so concerned about fat, calories, what diet to be on.

 In fact, we have come to identify ourselves based upon what we eat.. keto, paleo, raw, vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian. 

It’s almost as if we wear these labels as some sort of a badge of honor. 

But, you see the thing is, our bodies are always changing and so are our nutritional needs. Being paleo in your thirties when you are really active may be great, but once you hit menopause, your body may need good quality grains. 

You may be vegetarian when you are younger, but when you are going through some health challenges, you may need some more potent proteins. 

And, you know what? IT’s OK! 

It’s time to get off of the hamster wheel of looking at food as “good vs bad”  “right vs. wrong” “black vs. white” .

We need to get back into our bodies and discover what they are telling us. 

When we use this connection to our bodies as our guides, we have the ability to heal. 

And, it’s not all about the food. 

Being nourished encompasses more than just what we eat. 

It involves how we participate in relationships with others.

It is about how we are in relationship to nature, and how we are in relationship to ourselves. Where do we find our joy? 

How do we unwind? 

How do we move our bodies? 

It all matters.

It’s time to get NOURISHED. 

Through the course of this 6 week program you will:

  • Develop a clear understanding of why we are dealing with chronic illness. It is important to lay the ground work so that we can begin to shift the systems that are making us and our children sick.
  • Understand that the understanding of illness is coming from an antiquated “Germ Theory” and why we must look at the “Terrain Theory ” in terms of understanding sickness and health.
  • Become clear about the roles of the microbiome and the virome as it relates to immunity, gene expression and life itself.
  • Learn how to nourish and feed your microbiome and ground yourself in health.
  • Discover ways to get back into the natural rhythms of nature.
  • Learn about ancient healing methodologies that look at the rhythms of nature, seasonality, food, food preparation and mindset : Chinese 5 Element Theory and Ayurveda.
  • Understand the role that toxins play in limiting our ability to fully heal- and how to remove them with ease.
  • Understand how your body posture and movement affects your health
  • Discover new ways to use food as medicine on a daily basis.
  • Receive ample resources, recipes and meal planning ideas to spark your journey to living and feeling better.
  • Receive support throughout the 6 weeks through an online forum where you can ask questions, share ideas, insights, concerns and give and receive support.
  • Feel empowered to take your health back into your own hands!

We will be covering a lot of information, but it will be presented in chunks that you can come back to again and again.


This is how the weeks look:

Week 1: April 19th 7 pm- 8:30 pm

Remembering Who We Are:

              How did we get to this point of unprecedented numbers of illness, affecting both adults and increasingly affecting more and             more children? 

              When did we become disconnected from the microbes that surround us, both inside and out?

  What are the microbiome and the virome and how do they determine our health? 

  Is it really true that we are comprised more of microbes than human cells? (Hint: YES!) 

Week 2:  April 26th 7-8:30 pm

More on the Microbiome: 

    What damages the microbiome? 

    How do early experiences set the stage for our health as adults? 

    How do we heal our microbiome? 

  What is the field of epigenetics and why should we understand this in guiding our own healthcare?  

    How do we prepare food so that our bodies can fully assimilate the nutrients present in them? 

Week 3:May 3rd 7- 8:30 pm

Connecting with Nature

  What are the lessons nature has for us? 

  What happens when we become disconnected from the natural rhythms ? 

  How do we reconnect with nature? 

How can we incorporate Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda into our daily lives?


Week 4:  May 10th 

Hidden Toxins in Our Environment


    A healing journey is just that, a journey! 

                It is like peeling back the layers of an onion.

                Hidden toxins in our environment can prevent us from true healing. 

    Discover sources of toxins, how our body deals with them , and how to spark gentle and safe detoxification. 

This week, we have a special guest: Ann Murphy, Certified Holistic Health Coach who has studied environmental toxins


Week 5: May 17th  7 -8:30 pm

The Importance of Movement 

  How we hold our bodies and how we move can determine the level of our health. 

Learn how certain postures keep us holding on to stress, keep us in that fight or flight mode, and how to release the body so that we can begin to rest and digest and heal.

With special guest, movement expert and creator of Embodied Movement, Jessie Lucas.


Week 6: May 24th 7-8:30 pm

Playing with the Abundance of Herbs and Wild Foods to Ignite Vitality 

  What are wild foods and how are they different than foods that are cultivated or  farmed for sale? 

How do our bodies respond to them? 

How can we use different culinary and medicinal herbs to assist our nervous system,    our digestive system, our hormonal system, our memory and our stamina? 

Live classes run every Monday evening 7 pm -8:30 pm beginning April 19th and running through May 24th. 

All classes are recorded. 

There is a central class hub where all classes will be uploaded and you will have access to notes, resources, recipes and journaling exercises that you can go back to at any time. 

There will be a private class group for discussion throughout the 6 weeks. 


Extra Zoom Cooking Classes: 

For these classes, you will receive the menu/ recipes and a shopping list ahead of time.

We will then meet together on zoom to create food together! 

Cooking Class 1 – Fermentation 

Wednesday April 28th 7 – 8:30 pm


Cooking Class 2- Meals for Spring Time/ Supporting the Liver

Wednesday May 12th- 7- 8:30 pm

This is a class full of information that you don’t get in the mainstream.

Included in all of the above are things like:

  • Food for detoxification : Which foods are precursors to the important antioxidant glutathione?
  • What foods support our melatonin production that is often diminished because of our exposure to blue lights (computer screens, cell phone screens, even just lights in the house after the sun goes down)?
  • What foods feed your beneficial gut bacteria?
  • What foods are high in vitamin D and how do we really absorb vitamin D? What do we need to include in our regimen when we are taking Vitamin D (hint: Vitamin K2, but there are specific sources of K2 that work in synergy with vitamin D)
  • How do we get more magnesium into our bodies ( the mineral that is responsible for over 300 enzyme reactions in the body and the first mineral to become depleted when we are under stress) ?
  • What foods are pro inflammatory and what are anti inflammatory?
  • How do I use every day herbs to boost brain health, circulation, manage stress responses, repair the nervous system?
Since I typically do live workshops and haven’t in some time, you will be receiving recipes from a variety of classes including :
  • Foods for Immunity
  • Broths and soups for gut health
  • Fermented foods for immunity and gut health
  • Chinese 5 Element recipes- recipes for supporting all of the different organ systems in the body during the different seasons.

Cost  $347.00