The Roots of Health: Understanding the Role of the Gut in Maintaining Optimal Health: An ONLINE COURSE


We are constantly learning more about health and the role of the gut in maintaining health. Did you know that about 80% of our immune system is located in our gut? Or that our gut manufactures neuro transmitters? Or that the gut and brain and intrinsically intertwined and when you have inflammation in the gut, there is inflammation in the brain, often leading to depression?

The research is fascinating and if we aim to be truly healthy, we need to understand the role of the gut in maintaining our health.

Please join me for a 4 week online intensive on this topic.

We will be breaking down the ins and outs of gut health like:

  • What damages the gut
  • The role of bacteria in our health
  • How foods influence our gut bacteria
  • Illnesses associated with “Leaky Gut”
  • How to restore gut health

On each call, we will go into depth on these topics and I will leave you with a simple cooking demo to help spark your motivation to get into the kitchen to transform your health.

We will have a private facebook page where I will post more information, recipes, research, etc. throughout the week and where you will have the opportunity to engage, ask questions, share your stories.



Wednesday evenings beginning  February 26th at 7 pm.

Each session is recorded if you cannot make it live.

WEEK 1: Getting to the Root. February 26h

Week 1 we lay the foundation and learn about the gut, the role of bacteria and the importance of gut health.

WEEK 2: How do our guts become damaged?  March 4

Week 2 we explore all the things that damage our gut bacteria and we take a peek into the diets of more indigenous peoples and explore the gut health of hunter/ gatherers.

WEEK 3: Restoring Health: March 11

Week 3 we look at our role in restoring our gut health  (YES! It can be done!)

WEEK 4: Tying it all together March 18

Week 4 we look at other lifestyle habits that affect gut health and tie together the past 3 weeks.

Your committment to the program:

  • A willingness to learn and share freely with others.
  • Join me live on Zoom each week to participate in the calls, and if you can not participate, you can watch the recording.
  • Come over to the private facebook page and share your thoughts, ideas, own experiences, research, etc.
  • A willingness to take baby steps to recover your health and the health of your family.
  • An openness to expand your community of like minded people who support each other in their health goals.

The FEE: $47 for the 4 weeks!

Really, that’s it. Just $47 for this intensive program. My goal is to share information with folks so that they can begin to heal themselves and have the knowledge to share with their communities.

Won’t you join me?