A workshop on NOURISHING


It’s the new year and many of us resort to setting new year’s resolutions.

“THIS is the year I lose that extra 10 pounds.” “THIS is the year I eat right.”

“THIS is the year I become vegetarian, or vegan, or paleo, or (insert diet fad here).”

“THIS month, I’m going to do a 10 day juice cleanse to detox all the sugar I ate over the holidays.”

While we may have the best intentions, our mindset is typically one of deprivation or punishment. We feel bad or guilty for having a certain body type or for eating certain foods so our new year’s resolutions become sort of a penance: 10 ab crunches for every sugar cookie you ate on Christmas day!

How is that working for you?

When we feel deprived, it is much harder to reach our goals. Or, we may reach our goals, but we may feel miserable.

What if we changed the story and instead of depriving ourselves, we tuned into what we are really craving- from our food, from our relationships, from our jobs, from our lives.

What if we fully accepted who we are and moved forward throughout the new year with a sense of connectedness, knowing and nurturing.

It’s powerful to change the story!

Please join me for a 2 hour workshop on NOURISHING .

Sunday January 7th 2-4 pm


During our time together, we will explore

  • How our food and diet focused society has set the stage for us to define ourselves by what we eat- and we are SO much more than that.
  • How becoming stuck in these paradigms/ labels and even moral, societal and religious doctrines cause us to┬álose sight of who we really are and how to nourish ourselves.
  • How our solar plexus is the seat of our nourishment and the seat of our power and intuition
  • How our intuition is guiding us at every moment, but we are often too busy to pay attention.
  • What nourishment means for us individually (and it will be different for each person, and will change for ourselves at different periods in our lives)
  • How to live and eat more mindfully and intuitively

This workshop will be held in Glenmoore, PA. (details given upon registration).

It will include hot tea, a seat by the fire and some tasty snacks to prime you for more intuitive eating. And, cake! There will be cake!

$25 reserves your spot!