Breakfast of Champions?

I used to love cold cereal for breakfast. And, sometimes for a snack! My mother never allowed the really sugary stuff in the house, but we had Wheaties, Cheerios, Shredded Wheat, you get the idea. Then, I stopped eating cereal when I went gluten … [Continue reading]

Do you eat whole grains?

Yesterday, I talked about being gluten free and the importance of eating a nutrient dense diet in lieu of highly processed gluten free grains. Most gluten free flour products are made from very refined rice flour, potato starch, tapioca flour and … [Continue reading]

Gluten Free?

I have been gluten free for about 20 years. When I first began having reactions to food and found an integrative doctor who understood what was happening to my body, gluten was one of the first things she told me to eliminate. When I tried to … [Continue reading]

Glyphosate isn’t just used on GMOs!

Yesterday I talked about glyphosate and the effect it has on human health. But, just because you are eating GMO free, does not mean that you are not getting glyphosate in your food. Not only is glyphosate sprayed on those Round Up Ready GMO … [Continue reading]

More about Glyphosate

Yesterday I touched on genetically engineered foods and the lack of adequate testing on these foods. One very real concern with genetic engineering is that the gene insertion  ( inserting foreign DNA into a plant) is not an exact science and can … [Continue reading]

GMO’s- A Piece to the Puzzle in Childhood Epidemics

Yesterday, I shared a little bit about the increasing incidences of illnesses in our children, ranging from chronic infections to autism and autoimmune diseases. According to Dr. Kenneth Bock,  one of the major reasons for these epidemics is that … [Continue reading]

Epidemics of Illness in Children

Do you have a child or know a child diagnosed with a food allergy? Asthma? Seasonal Allergies? Autism? Sensory processing disorder? There is no doubt that children today are sick. It has been said that the current generation of children is … [Continue reading]

Summer Cooking!

Summer is whizzing by so quickly- lazy days, swimming, making fresh foods. It's been a pretty tolerable summer so far, but, when the humidity really creeps in and things get sweltering, I find that I lose my umph to do anything- cooking and eating … [Continue reading]

What is homotoxicology?

Welcome to my journey! As some of you may know, I got into the work I am doing now because of my own health challenges. For the next couple of months, I am going to be sharing my journey with you regarding homotoxicology... read on! About 20 … [Continue reading]


It's summer! And, that means fresh produce- tons of it! I love this time of year: the bounty of delicious foods seems unending! The picture here was taken last year in our hoophouse. We had beets, kale, carrots and lettuces, among others. … [Continue reading]