Cooking with Culinary/Medicinal Herbs

Herbs add something special to our dishes- a punch of flavor or a subtle suggestion of something exotic. But they do more than flavor. For centuries, culinary herbs have been used for medicinal purposes as well- for their antibiotic and anti-fungal properties, for their abilities to aid our respiratory and digestive systems among other things.

Using herbs in the kitchen is a gentle yet powerful way to bring herbs into your life. We often reach for tinctures but forget that we can make teas, infusions, soups, stocks, herbal butters and savory dishes to consume that will aid the body in more ways than we may realize.  

Most of us use basil, thyme, oregano, sage, etc. in our cooking, but do you ever make a tea out of them?  

Do you use some of the more obscure herbs like nettle, lemon balm, shiso, lemon verbena or tulsi?

Join me for a class to explore some common kitchen herbs and some not so common herbs and create delicious dishes with them.

 We will discuss the characteristics of common and some uncommon herbs, their benefits and their uses.

Menu: (subject to change) 

Menu is gluten free and uses some dairy 

Herb Infused Lemonades

Herbal Teas

Herb Infused Broth 

Pan Fried Fish Filet with Harissa and Rose 

Herbal Salad

Gluten Free Nettle Spanakopita

Braised Potatoes with Herbal Gremolata

Lemon Elderflower Posset

Chocolate Lavender shortbread cookies

Sunday July 14th, 2024

 1- 4 pm

$90 per person 

Address given upon registration.