Embodying Nourishment



Are you feeling lost, hungry, confused, overwhelmed?

Times are challenging … and can be ultimately exhilarating if we feel nourished. This multi-part workshop will give you a glimpse of what it means to feel supported, connected and nourished. You will learn shortcuts to make it easier.

We will review concepts around being in your body, emotional intelligence, principles of relational nutrition and we will demystify digestion.

We will also look at how trauma gets in the way of being connected to yourself and experiencing nourishment.

You will be introduced to several paradigms of health which can help orient you. We will look at cellular wellbeing as well as get a taste of deep compassionate presence and ‘We-Space’ practices – and how relationships influence our health.

We will meet three times for continuity and on-going learning. Through repeated exposure, you will create healthier habits as well as experience group support.

There will be some deepening practices to help bring nourishment into your Life.

Sunday October 27th – In person workshop 1-4pm

Sunday November 3rd – Group conference call 1-2 pm

Sunday November 10th – In person workshop 1-4pm

COST $150 • $50 Deposit to reserve space

LOCATION Birdsboro, PA • Address given upon registration.

Register by clicking the link below:

QUESTIONS: avainius@gmail.com or text: 484.999.7560


Antanas Vainius offers a paradigm-changing understanding of food and nutrition through the experience of nourishment. Using embodiment tools and timeless preparation principles, Antanas will help you discover how to reconnect with your body and its deep intelligence, as well as rediscover Authentic Relating in WeSpace, the nourishment that remedies our separation culture. Whether it’s weight loss, more energy, food allergies, gluten concerns, emotional eating, he can guide you to find greater ease & freedom. Antanas also offers therapeutic breathwork & somatic energy psychology modalities to help you take the next step of restoring your aliveness and connecting to your Self.