Enhancing Immunity over the Winter Months


Baby it’s COLD outside!!

It seems like winter is the season we find ourselves under the weather – colds, flus, different bugs that take hold. Maybe it’s because we are stuck inside more often, not getting enough fresh air or sunshine or the cold is making us more susceptible to these illnesses. And, of course, there’s COVID!

Instead of living in fear, become proactive and learn how to care for your immune system in this one night workshop.

We will be talking about foods, herbs, and lifestyle choices that keep our immunity humming strong!

Each participant will receive a handout packet full of immune enhancing recipes like :

  • Elderberry Syrup
  • Elderberry Gummies for kids
  • Super Immunity broth
  • Coconut Yogurt with licorice, cinnamon, clove and honey
  • And more!


Wednesday February 3rd , 2021

via Zoom

Fee: $25

Register here: