5 Rhythms Energy Healing and Cooking Workshops


Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that we are surrounded by energy fields which help us achieve balance, health and harmony in our lives.

The basic principle  is that all things can be divided into 5 elements or phases: Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal.

Most of us are familiar with these elements as they relate to feng shui, acupuncture and chi gong, but the same principles are also applied to foods and physical healing.

Each element has a corresponding season, organ system in the body, color and taste and emotion associated with it.

Learning to eat according to the 5 elements can help us balance our energy, nourish particular organs and achieve optimal health.

 Once each season, I will be offering a comprehensive class on the corresponding element.

We will dive deeply into the ancient traditions of strengthening the organ systems associated with each element. We will use tools from Eastern medicine, energy medicine and spirituality in addition to food.

These classes are for you if:

You are seeking to deepen your knowledge of traditional cooking methods

You are desiring to branch out in your cooking and your cooking skills

You are interested in learning ways to prevent and/or heal disease.

You desire being around a community of like minded people

You understand that food and community are at the core of our well- being.

You love cooking and trying new foods.

You are open to different energy practices for grounding and healing (chi gong, meditation, energy medicine).

You wish to help others in your community heal.

These classes are hands on and include resources, recipes and a sit down meal at the end of the class.

Menus are subject to change slightly depending on availability of food.
All menus are gluten free and will have some dairy and meat.
Address and other details will be provided upon registration.
Payment accepted- Cash, check , venmo. Contact Annmarie directly to register and hold your spot.


Water Element February 4th 2023

Releasing Fear/ Cultivating Joy

1-5 pm

$100 per person – 6 spots available

  • This class is devoted to the Water Element of Winter. The water element relates to our kidney and bladder meridians. According to Chinese Medicine, the kidneys store our essence; our life force, vitality, resistance and our longevity. In this class, we will learn how to truly nourish our kidney energy, which often becomes depleted through stress, fear, anxiety and external forces like EMFs, pollution. The stronger our kidney energy, the more resilient we become to the stressors in our lives and we can move forward with ease and fluidity rather than anxiety and rigidity.
  • During our time together, we will be engaging in energy medicine. You will learn the intricacies of the Chinese 5 Rhythms and we will engage in energy medicine practices that support the kidney and bladder meridians.
  • After that, we will cook a delicious nourishing meal together.
  • The menu consists of :

Nourishing Potassium Broth

Chinese Chicken Soup Dates, Ginger and Goji Berries

Roasted Beef Marrow on Toast Points with Pickled Onions

Duck Legs with Pomegranate Sauce and Wild Rice

Kale, Fennel and Radish Salad

Blackberry / Coconut Panna Cotta

Herbal Tea