Food and Farming Program

Food and farming is a program tailored to different aged children which provides a space where children can be children and engage in interactions with other children and adults and learn about nature,  food,  their bodies and cooking.


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These programs :

  • Allow children to fully be themselves in a safe and supportive environment
  • Invite children to learn how to care for their bodies, minds and spirits through better food choices, movement, fresh air,  sunshine and connection with nature.
  • Offer experiential, hands on learning in the garden and in the kitchen
  • Expose children to different tastes and culinary traditions
  • Allow children to explore the combination of art and food
  • Connect children directly to nature by walking in the woods, working in the garden soil and interacting with animals
  • Provide full sensory experiences using touch, taste, smell, sight and sound


Programs are divided into different  levels:

18 months to 3 years- Our time together includes time in the garden, sensory play, movement, food preparation, social activities and snacks/ small meals


4-6 years – Our time together in this group includes sensory play, movement , time in the garden, food preparation, social activities and snacks/ small meals


7-10 years – This age program includes the development of simple culinary skills and kitchen safety. Children and encouraged to listen to their bodies and to develop an intuitive sense of what their bodies need to thrive. We also do more work out in the garden.

11-14 years- This program focuses mainly on the garden activities and culinary experiences. Children learn to work together to prepare recipes using food from the garden. They are encouraged to explore different tastes and different culinary traditions.

Please contact me for more information!

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