Food As Medicine – Feeding the Whole Family

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This online LIVE course is designed to empower participants to make wise food choices for themselves and their families- especially families who may be dealing with diagnoses such as autism, ADHD, sensory processing difficulties, allergies, chronic illness and behavioral issues.


Throughout the 3 weeks, we will uncover:

  • How food impacts the body, both physically and psychologically
  • How much our food supply is really devoid of the nutrients that serve as the building blocks we need for strong bodies and brains.
  • The importance of the right fats to build the brain, ensure the smooth signaling of hormones and maintain the integrity of the cells.
  • The role of the microbiome in supporting our health, our cognition and our mood.
  • How to take the baby steps necessary toward creating a health supportive kitchen without breaking the budget and spending all day cooking
  • The ins and outs of following a special diet
  • How to involve your children (young or old!) in the process of preparing simple meals for themselves
  • How to deal with resistance- picky eating, problem eating or behavioral issues


What’s involved :

Week 1

Food: Feeding Disease or Supporting Ideal Health ?

We will discuss :

  • Modern agriculture and food production and the effects they have had on health
  • The role of the microbiome in creating health and how to best support the microbiome
  • Stocking the kitchen pantry with safe, health supportive foods
  • Ideas for creating simple meals for the family

Week 2:

Foundation Foods to Include in the Diet

  • Most special diets focus on removal of offending foods, and while we need to do that to allow the body to heal, we must also focus on the nourishing , foundational foods that we need to add the diet to better support healing
  • How to get these foundations folds into your already existing recipes (simple tweaks and hacks)
  • The importance of proper food preparation for the best nutrient assimilation
  • More ideas for creating simple meals

Week 3

Including the Whole Family

  • This may be a big paradigm shift for the whole family and it is best taken in baby steps
  • Introducing new foods slowly, especially to children who may be resistant
  • How to work on kitchen and daily living skills with your child by including them in the food preparation
  • How to scaffold meals to allow for picky eaters to try new foods without resistance
  • How to deal with behavioral issues around mealtime

These classes run once a week for 3 weeks on a Tuesday evening beginning October 11th

October 11 – 7-8:30 pm

October 18th 7-8:30 pm

October 25th 7-8:30 pm


All calls are recorded for later viewing and there are ample resources and recipes to get you started.

There will be ongoing support through a private  facebook page for the duration of the class and beyond.


Cost : $150