Meet Annmarie

Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine said “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”.                                                                DSC_0157

This statement only resonated with me about 15 years ago, after I had been struggling for 6 months with chronic infections, exhaustion, weight loss, hormonal problems, anxiety and depression. After realizing that my symptoms were caused by my body’s reactions to foods that I was eating, I set off to heal myself. I tried many different interventions looking for that magic bullet, but when I learned how to  nourish myself, things began to shift-

I began to heal.

I discovered that in order to deeply nourish myself, I needed to become reconnected with food, REAL food, and I re-established a kitchen culture in which cooking real food from scratch became my new policy for health care.

Embedded in my cooking is  a love and respect for all things traditional. Sourcing and preparing foods according to the wisdom of our ancestors is intuitive for me and is very much counter culture to the food system we currently experience in this country.

My food philosophy is basic:

REAL FOOD heals and REAL FOOD is delicious!

Just the way Mother Nature intended!

When we stray from what is real, our bodies, minds and spirits suffer.

Through consultations, clients are inspired and empowered to reconnect to that inner knowing of what it is that your body needs to nourish and heal: what your mind needs to stay clear and what your spirit needs to feel nurtured.

You KNOW what it is, but you may have forgotten or the message may have become too muddled by the outside influences of the “diet dictocrats” telling you what you need to be healthy.

It’s time to reclaim it!

I am particularly interested in the health and well being of children and I spent 20 years working in early intervention as a child development specialist.

I see the epidemics of allergies, autism, and adhd as environmental issues- particularly related to our toxic food system.  Once we understand that food is foundational and begin to feed children REAL food, their health improves! I am on a mission to create a generation of children who are free of disease, vibrant, healthy and thriving in mind, body and spirit!


Let’s get cooking!