Psst.. Butter is Better!

Butter! I consider it a food of the gods!
Luscious, creamy and nutrient dense.
Unfortunately, many are still of the old, false mindset that butter is bad.
That is why those companies who produce the buttery “spreads” are having such a run. Companies like Benecol, Smart Balance and Earth Balance are continuing to prey on consumer fears about cholesterol. These spreads come equipped with “plant sterols” that they advertise have the ability to lower one’s cholesterol in 1-2 weeks.
Well, the ingredients in these spreads consist of plant sterols, vegetable oils, (like canola and soy) emulsifiers, soy lecithin, preservatives like potassium sorbate, citric acid, colorings and flavorings.
Remember that vegetable oils become rancid with processing, are high in omega 6 fatty acids and can cause inflammation. (and, our bodies respond to inflammation by producing more cholesterol!)
And, the ingredients in butter?
Cream and maybe some salt- that’s all !
And, we now know that butter from animals raised on organic pasture is loaded with fat soluble vitamins РA, D and K2-  and it also contains iodine Рwhich our thyroids need to function optimally.
Butter also contains butyrate – a fatty acid that is protective against colon cancer, but also works to regulate our immune system. Our gut bacteria has the ability to make butyrate out of the fibers we consume, but if our guts are not functioning optimally, we may not be making sufficient butyrate. So, eat your butter!
I love to put a BIG pat of raw butter on oatmeal, on gluten free sourdough bread, on steamed vegetables and this time of the year, on organic sweet corn!
If you don’t have access to raw butter, be sure to buy organic butter that is from pastured cows.
Let me know how you like to use your butter!

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