Reclaiming our Power Amidst the Pandemic

If you have been on my newsletter list for a while, you will know that my main mission is to empower people to take their health into their own hands. 

I do this mainly through food choices and nourishment, but we also touch on different topics and some of these topics (including food) go outside of the mainstream narrative. 

I tend to find myself outside of the mainstream narrative a lot these days. 

I like to look at an issue from all sides and do the research and then use discernment as to what I feel is true for me. 

We should all do that actually.

When we really develop a relationship with our body and our surroundings, we can more easily nourish ourselves – on all planes – physical, spiritual and emotional.

“Modern” or “Conventional” medicine does not encourage this. This model is geared more toward treating symptoms, repairing problems rather than preventing them, fearing anything alternative. We doubt ourselves. We look to others to tell us what to do, because, of course, someone else always knows better than we do, right?

Well, no, not necessarily.

Sure, we can look to others for guidance, but then we should do the research and discern what is best.

However, when we are riddled with confusion and paralyzed by fear, our monkey minds take over. We are in stress response and in that state, we don’t think clearly, nor can we stop long enough to really check in with our bodies and our hearts.

We inevitably give up our power.

And this makes me so sad.

When did we come so disconnected from our power?

When did we forget that we are divine sovereign beings?

Maybe it’s because we are just beaten down so hard?

Work at a job we don’t like to pay for our bills and buy things that we don’t need. We eat food that has been poisoned, we breathe air that is polluted, we take medicines that can harm us, we sit in front of a computer all day.

I don’t think this is how we are supposed to live or thrive.

But how did we get here?

Years ago, I did Non GMO activism work.

The concept of altering the DNA of our food and spraying it incessantly with a known carcinogen put up huge red flags for me. But “the science” (of the corporate  lobbyists) said it was benign. Leaders said we needed the technology to “feed the world”.

It was soul crushing work that burned me out; the corruption of some big corporations and legislators was insidious. It was a small percentage of folks who would benefit from the lies, the propaganda and the crucifixion of anyone who understood the real science and spoke out against the dangers.

We were called “anti science fear mongers”.

Information was censored. Credible scientists lost their jobs at prestigious universities because they chose to stand by their convictions.

Social media was a battle ground with shills and trolls trying to discredit anything that was said about the harm brought about by glyphosate and gene editing.

Remember the lawsuits brought against Monsanto in 2018? Remember the outcome?

The truth started to come to the light. Round up is carcinogenic. It is in our air, our soil, in our food and in our cells.

Didn’t we learn anything about corporate interests and human health?

The history goes way back…




CFC (chlorofluorocarbon)


Up next is 5G – same story of physical and environmental dangers, big corporations, profit and corruption. But we have the studies. Over 1500, peer reviewed, clearly demonstrating harm from microwave radiation. Who’s listening?

The propaganda says that it’s safe and that we need faster internet speeds so our lives can be better.  At what cost?

And, now, COVID.

And, again, YES, there is a virus. YES people are getting very sick. YES, many have died. I am not a doctor, but if we look at it critically, we see the same players.

Can you see it? Front line doctors telling us that they have great success with hydroxychloraquine and zinc and vitamin C; keeping people out of the hospitals.  A cheap, accessible drug. Of course, it is not for everyone, but doctors should be able to have a relationship with their patients and decide what will work.

Third world countries having nominal cases of the virus because they take an anti parasitic drug, Ivermectin. Prevents COVID. Why aren’t we using that?

Why does no one speak about boosting the immune system? Eating healthy? Exercising? Being in loving relationships? Being in community? Laughing?

No. We are told to wear masks and keep our distances. No touching, no singing, no laughing.

I don’t get it.

From the very get go, I feared the outcome of this pandemic and now see it coming to fruition. Vaccine Passports.

Eight months in and we have a vaccine. We won’t open up the country again until the vaccine is made available to everyone. Maybe it won’t be mandatory, but it will be required if you want to fly, listen to live music in a crowded venue, go to school.

I’m sorry to be so blunt, but I have been saying for months that we are on a fast train to mindless submission, and many don’t see it as such. We are already berating others for having gatherings, being unmasked while walking outside, engaging in “unsafe” practices. It’s been happening for months.

We are bound in the fear.

But what is it about the vaccine that makes it a HELL NO for me?

It’ s all the same players.

Companies that will take on no liability for their product.

Thousands of reported reactions already from the vaccines that have been administered.

A gene edited vaccine: researchers are warning that the  huge immune response that can occur from a respiratory virus vaccine may not appear until years later with a subsequent re-exposure to the virus (as happened with Dengue fever vaccine).

Again, at what cost?

Now, I am not telling you how to go about your healthcare. I am asking you to be still and quiet and step out of fear. Research and decide. Then be at peace with your decision.

If you would like to research the topic in greater depth, the Weston A Price Foundation  has put together a compilation of articles and interviews that deal specifically with COVID and surrounding issues (5G, vaccination, glyphosate, gut terrain). I think all important issues to consider.