Rethinking Nourishment Membership Program



Welcome !

One of my biggest desires is to create community.

I grew up surrounded by people- my family, extended family, neighbors. There were always people around.

We had long Sunday dinners, clam bakes, block parties and dinner parties.

When I moved in my 20s, it was hard for me to find that same sense of community.  I felt isolated and craved the connections that I was so blessed to grow up with.

So, I began to create my own and I am once again feeling so blessed to have wonderful people in my life.

Yet, when I look around and see people who are overworked, stressed, sick, lonely, I can’t help but feel that at the root of much of it is disconnection.

I feel like our busy lifestyles have made it inconvenient for us to connect deeply. We have become disconnected from nature, from the land, from how our food is grown, from family, friends, larger communities and at the very basic level, we have become disconnected from our own bodies.


We find ourselves in constant states of fight, flight or freeze and don’t allow ourselves the time to slow down and recalibrate.

We burn the candle at both ends and in our exhaustion, turn to caffeine and sugar to fuel our days. We have forgotten how to nourish ourselves. Or, we follow the latest diet fads without truly listening to our bodies or understanding what they are begging for.

It has become incredibly clear to me that in order to thrive in our lives, we need to be connected: Connected to our bodies and the messages they send, connected to the breath, connected to an intimate group of people and connected to a larger community.

The physical spaces that I have created in cooking classes are an expression of this connection; an opportunity to come together and cook and feel nourished both physically and socially.

As I work on creating a bigger physical space where folks can come connect with the land , with plants, with food, etc., I am offering a virtual connection- a place for people to come together from the comfort of their own homes to ponder this concept of receiving nourishment on varying levels.

This RETHINKING NOURISHMENT membership program encourages participants to come together twice a month for calls on various topics, with month long support available through a private group.

We dive deep into various topics like food, diets, health, mindful and intuitive eating, and more!


If  you would like to be a part of a virtual community and be with and gather support from like minded people,  I encourage you to sign up.

The cost of the program is just $7 per month! (7 is an important number to me!)

Our first call begins Monday November 11th.

I do hope you’ll join us!

As we begin to take care of ourselves and change how we are in the world, then and only then do we impact the world around us!


Our schedule moving forward:

December Topic :

Chinese 5 Element Theory: Understanding the elements and using traditional wisdom to prepare your body and soul for winter!

Call #1 . December 9th. 7 pm

Call #2 . December 30th 7 pm.