What People are Saying!

Annmarie is and was a true partner through my healing process.  Annmarie, in my opinion, is not only a business owner and talented chef, but is a healer and works with clients on all levels.  I am indebted to Annmarie for her partnership and support during my healing journey.

I would recommend Annmarie to any person interested in vibrant health through nutrition and simple, wonderfully delicious and nourishing foods.    ASC, Plymouth Meeting, PA



My private sessions and classes with Annmarie Cantrell have been life-changing! Just before I met her, I had been recovering slowly from Lyme disease. I had also gained about 30 pounds in the last 5 years and suffered from chronic heartburn. I felt so poorly that my doctor ran additional testing and found significant issues with food sensitivities and yeast. I felt completely on my own to figure this out, as my doctor could offer little in terms of the reality of removing all wheat, eggs, dairy, beans, foods in the broccoli family, and sugar from my diet. Though I considered myself a healthy eater, previously, it was clear that something was very wrong.
I met Annmarie at a local class she was giving shortly after I received my test results. I knew right away that I had connected with the right person to help me through this. I met with Annmarie in my home and she showed me that despite the food restrictions I could eat fabulously. Meals were creative and fun, as she showed me delicious combinations that I never would have thought of on my own. The food was organic, healthy, satisfying, and, most of all, delicious. I continue to make many of the recipes weekly, and preparing in bulk helps me to have many food items at my finger tips for different pairings.
Annmarie is inspiring, supportive and fun. She makes it all seem easy! With time, I have begun to listen to my body and I know that what I have learned from Annmarie will serve me for a lifetime. The bonus has been that my husband has embraced many of the recipes, and we both have become more conscious of the ways we can better care of our bodies. Many thanks, Annmarie. You truly were a God-send when I was desperate for some help!

Rita C.  Malvern, PA



What  a great class! I have taken cooking classes in the past and this was by far the best! Annmarie was very well organized, prepared and very informative. She had us doing a hands on prep for sauerkraut. We all got to take home a jar.  She had various things for us to sample and had print outs of the recipes. I learned a lot from the class and now am not so intimidated by the process. Would enjoy participating in future classes that she may have.                                       E. D. Phoenixville, PA



Prescription for Nutritional Healing’ was absolutely one of the most informative and interesting classes I have ever taken! Annmarie Cantrell is Brilliant! She has valuable knowledge and life experience to help heal our planet, one person at a time. She is also a very talented chef! What a combination! Thank you for using your talent to help others! This class is a MUST for those interested in achieving and maintaining optimal health. It will inspire you and leave you wanting to know so much more!

– Amie H. Wayne, PA

Annmarie’s 5 Elements class has been wonderful. I can’t wait for next year! I entered the series midstream and I  am looking forward to the winter and spring classes. It’s a delightful day of nourishing the body, mind and spirit. As we learn to cook well for our bodies we also connect with each other and have a delightful day of community. I always feel I’ve done something good for myself when we’ve completed the class. And, I walk away with some beautiful recipes and ideas. 

Linda B, Phoenixville, PA