Cucina Verde Fermented Foods!

The proliferation of processed foods have left many of us with less than ideal digestive systems.
Our digestive systems become taxed by the consumption of processed foods, sugars, and antibiotics. When our micro flora are out of balance, our immunity suffers. We become prone to illnesses such as allergies, arthritis, and autoimmune disorders.

Adding lacto- fermented foods into the diet is an excellent way to repopulate your gut with the beneficial micro flora.

Lacto- fermentation is the traditional way people used to preserve food before refrigeration.

Just about every culture has it’s signature lacto-fermented product.

Here are just some examples:
Korea- Kimchi
Germany- Sauerkraut
Russia- Beet Kvaas
South America- Cortido

  • Fermentation is the only type of preparation of foods that cannot destroy certain nutrients, will creates more nutrients and enhances others.
  • It removes toxins and harmful bacteria found in many foods.
  • It will improve your digestion, especially when consumed before your meal and also allows for your nutrients to be absorbed properly.
  • It aids in the preservation and creation of important enzymes.
  • Fermentation is a huge supporter to your immune function. It increases your B vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, digestive enzymes, lactase and lactic acid that fight off harmful bacteria.

So, are you convinced yet?

We love krauts in our house and try to consume a little bit with every meal.

Some of our favorites are the ones that are currently being sold through farmers’ markets:

3-D Kraut– A blend of green cabbage, dandelion greens, daikon, dulse, ginger and lemon

Kurry Kraut Green cabbage with curry spices. My favorite use for kurry kraut is on top of fried eggs, chopped into egg salad, or pureed into the filling for deviled eggs. Use it also on grilled cheese sandwiches, on salads, or as an accompaniment to grain, bean or meat dishes.

Curtido  A Latin American inspired kraut with green cabbage, onion, carrot, oregano and hot pepper that is delicious with braised meats, sandwiches, fish tacos or on top of fried eggs!

Kim Chi  A mixture of Chinese (Nappa) cabbage, daikon, turnip, carrot, radish, garlic, ginger and hot pepper. Use it on anything: Fried eggs, sandwiches, top off rice, soups, stir into a spicy potato salad!

Apple Fennel Kraut– Green cabbage with local apples and fennel. This kraut is delicious with braised pork or on top of roasted winter squash!

Roots Rock Kim Chi– This is our winter kim chi. When the nappa cabbages start to taper off, we take winter roots like burdock, carrot, parsnip, daikon, turnip and radish and blend them with kim chi spice. One of our favorites!

Nettle Kraut– This is our spring kraut when the nettles show their lovely leaves. With just green cabbage, nettle and a touch of lemon, this kraut is a bit earthy, but oh so satisfying!

Rosemary Red– Red cabbage with rosemary, garlic and lemon

Moroccan Carrots– Crunch carrots in a salt brine with cumin, coriander, hot pepper, garlic and cinnamon. These make great additions to salads or use them as part of a holiday antipasto platter. Then, add a bit of the brine to some extra virgin olive oil and make a dressing for your greens and grains.


Please contact Annmarie directly at to see what krauts are available at any given time.


Summer  Market Schedule: 

Phoenixville Farmers Market: 

2nd and 4th Saturday beginning April 13th.

West Chester Grower’s Market

First and third Saturdays 9-1 Beginning May 4

Kennett Square

Second and fourth Fridays beginning May 10th

Lansdale Farmers Market

1st and 3rd Saturdays beginning May 18th.


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