EAT PLAY FARM Summer Program

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Introducing The Eat Play Farm “Parent and Me” Summer Program.

This program is for young children ages 3-10 who are picky eaters, have food sensitivities, food phobias, food allergies, sensory issues, autism, ADHD or Aspergers.

Food is essential to a child’s growth – both physical and cognitive. However, many parents find feeding their children to be a very difficult task.

Although they may be told “it is just a phase” and that “all children are picky”, there are definite causes of picky eating in young children.

Some children may be trying to exert their independence and individualization by choosing not to eat what is presented to them at mealtimes. This is a typical developmental stage.

However, some children may exhibit behaviors such as gagging, spitting up or choking when presented with food. Some may refuse to eat new food and have a full blown tantrum at the dinner table. This is not a typical developmental stage and can signal underlying developmental or nutritional issues. These situations can be extremely stressful for the parents, as well as for the child.

EAT PLAY FARM is a “parent and me” program that allows the picky eater to explore food in a safe, fun and non threatening ways through outdoor play on a farm.

In this program, children are encouraged to  interact with soil, seeds and young seedlings, vegetables, herbs, spices and any forms of nature that present itself to us! 

Children will participate in simple snack and meal production with their peers.

This is a unique experience for children to engage ALL of their senses:

Walking through the fields, listening to the sounds of nature, touching the earth, playing instruments, dancing, petting animals, smelling herbs and tasting the food. 

Parent Support:  It can often feel frustrating and isolating when children have special feeding needs. Throughout this program, parents will have the opportunity to support one another, discuss issues and learn from each other. They will be encouraged to carry out activities at home to encourage better eating habits in their children. 

Dates:  The program will be extended through August. 10 am – 12 pm. Children will be divided into groups according to their ages.

Contact Annmarie directly for more information

Parents do not need to commit to each day, although progress will be seen with more consistent attendance.

Cost:* $35 per day. 

Please email Annmarie directly to register and we will have a preliminary phone call to discuss your specific needs and goals.

*Tuition assistance is available if needed.