Ferment of the Month

For all lovers of krauts : Who I like to call Fermenthusiasts! I am offering a ferment of the month club!

This way, you never run out of your favorite kraut- NO EXCUSES !

It’s simple.

If you eat a lot of kraut throughout the month or have a large family, you can order 2 quarts each month.

If you savor your krauts a bit more slowly or you have a small family, perhaps you only need one quart per month.

Either way, becoming a member of the Ferment of the Month club ensures that you will never run out of kraut!

Once you place your order, we will confirm with you and  your order will either be shipped or delivered to you (Delivered within a 10 mile radius of my location) by the 15th of each month.

You can have a standing order of your favorite ferment or you can switch it up each month.

You decide how long you would like to participate- 3 months, 6 months, 9 months or 12 months.

Create your membership now!

Here’s how:

Simply decide which membership option is right for you. (No need to decide which krauts to get right now.  I will be in touch after I receive your order and you can let me know via email).

Pick an option and you will be directed to the paypal link. Please note that this link does not include shipping costs. Those will be calculated on an individual basis, approximately $12 each shipment. For those picking up at a market or within the delivery range, there is no extra charge.

I will be in touch with you via email after receiving your membership. I will confirm the delivery address and you will let me know which kraut you are interested in trying first!

Choose from:

3-D Kraut– a blend of green cabbage, dandelion greens, daikon, dulse, ginger and lemon

Kurry Kraut- Green cabbage with curry spices

Curtido–  a Latin American inspired kraut with green cabbage, onion, carrot, oregano and hot pepper

Kim Chi-  a mixture of Chinese (Nappa) cabbage, daikon, turnip, carrot, radish, garlic, ginger and hot pepper!

Rosemary Red– Red cabbage with rosemary , leek and lemon!

Apple Fennel– Green cabbage with apple, fennel and lemon.

This also makes a great gift!

Please contact me directly if you would like to receive a gift certificate to present to a loved one!

YES! Sign me up!!

Ferment of the Month