Foods for Children with Special Needs

Food for HOPE- Healthy Options for Picky Eaters

Services for children with allergies, asthma, ADHD, autism and other special needs.

What would be possible for your child if he or she began to feel better, function more clearly and engage more productively in social interactions?

Is it possible that these changes can begin to occur by changing their diet?

Many doctors and researchers who take a biomedical approach to autism find that autism is a whole body disorder. These children are typically affected by toxins, inflammation and nutrient deficiencies. By focusing on these issues, children’s bodies can begin to heal. As their bodies heal, their brains begin to heal and new doors suddenly open up!

Food for HOPE- Healthy Options for Picky Eaters ™ is a step by step process that allows families to experience their children’s healing using dietary changes.

These dietary and environmental changes are foundational and necessary in order to allow healing to take place.  Not only are offending foods removed, but parents are guided to introduce foods that heal!

Does your child have a diagnosis of allergies, asthma, ADHD or Autism?

Does your child experience digestive distress? IBS? Crohn’s Disease? Pain or Discomfort?

Does your child have difficulty sleeping?

Does your child have behavioral difficulties (mood swings, anger, repetitive behaviors? )

If you answered “YES” to any of these, let’s connect!

You see, many of these issues are intricately related and by beginning to heal a child’s digestive and immune systems, we may begin to see these issues decrease.

In our work together in this program, you will:

  • Learn how child’s immunity and digestive function are so closely related to his diagnosis of autism, his frequent infections, his sleeping difficulties, etc.  I will listen as you describe your child’s health and developmental history to get a clear picture of your unique situation. I will then simply explain  the connection between the most common foods that children eat, as well as the environmental factors that could be contributing to his specific symptoms.
  • Identify your child’s unique eating habits.  Every child is different, and has his or her favorite foods, which are often eaten to the exclusion of other foods. I listen non -judgmentally as you describe the challenges and fears both YOU and your child have around mealtimes.
  • Learn the best foods to incorporate into your child’s diet.  I will share my knowledge and experience with foods that are most healing for the immune system. Because I understand the challenge of feeding a child who is a picky eater, I will prioritize the foods that are the next best step for you to try.
  • Learn how to prepare nutritionally dense foods. Learning to cook and eat different foods can be challenging. I will fully support you in learning how to prepare these foods that can be used as alternatives for your child’s favorite foods (without having to spend a lot of money or spending all day in the kitchen!!)
  • Receive full support– Community and collaboration are so important on this journey. You will have the opportunity to receive and give support to other families by attending Cooking Circle Support Groups. I will also recommend other practitioners who can support you on this journey.
  • Celebrate Successes! Together, we will celebrate every success for you and your child along this road to healing!

If you are ready to make these foundational changes for your family, contact me!