The Incredible Egg

Before you crack your next egg, you may want to check out the new study conducted by researchers in Canada which says that consuming egg yolks is as dangerous  to your heart health as smoking cigarettes. Quelle horreur!

The gist of the study can be found here.

If you choose to look at this study, you will find that it is very flawed and appears to be more junk science that scares people out of eating one of nature’s most perfect foods!

Today, I wish to highlight what you really need to know about egg yolks!

Of course there is the distinction between eggs from animals raised on pasture and eggs from animals raised in cages.

And, don’t let the free range and organic labels fool you!
Free range animals are technically in chicken houses, but have the ability to go outside and forage (through a tiny opening in the house. Some may have access to grass, some may have access only to a concrete slab) and organic feed (corn and soy) make up the bulk of their diet.

Pastured animals are out on grass in the sunlight eating grass and bugs and their diets are supplemented with some grain (ask your farmer to make sure it is organic grain!).

Egg yolks from chickens raised on pasture have high levels of Vitamins A and D, two essential fat soluble vitamins that are crucial for many processes in the body.

Vitamin A is crucial for protein assimilation, calcium assimilation, proper growth, thyroid function, immune system function and the production of stress and sex hormones.

Vitamin D plays a role in mineral absorption, insulin production, reproduction, immune system function, as well as keeping our cells, bones and nervous systems healthy.

Additionally, egg yolks contain essential fatty acids- particularly DHA (an omega 3 fatty acid crucial for brain health and retinal function ) and AA (Arachodonic Acid; an omega 6 fatty acid required for healthy skin, hair, libido and reproduction).

And, yes, egg yolks contain cholesterol, an essential nutrient responsible for many many processes in the body.
For more information about cholesterol ( and eggs!) look at the research conducted by Dr. Chris Masterjohn  on the topic!

So, it is my hope that you will not shy away from eating eggs!
It is also my hope that you will be diligent in sourcing pastured, organic eggs from local farms so that you can ensure you are getting the amazing nutrition that this food has to offer!

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